What does landscape design include?

A landscape design is like a floor plan of an outdoor area. Like a floor plan, a landscape design creates a visual representation of a site using scaled dimensions. Landscape plans include natural elements such as flowers, trees, and grass, as well as man-made items such as lawn furniture, fountains, and sheds. Landscape design is an independent profession and a tradition of design and art, practiced by landscape designers, combining nature and culture.

In contemporary practice, landscape design unites the space between landscape architecture and garden design. Think about who will use your garden and how you will use it. Will children use their garden? Do you have pets? Are you hoping to use your patio for outdoor entertainment? Remember that you can create different spaces for different uses in your landscape using strategic plantations and harsh landscapes. Walkways can be used to move people from one area to another.

Precisely because landscape design is more art than science, reasonable people can disagree on what is best. After listening to the client's ideas and priorities and analyzing the character of the site, the designer creates a plan that allows others to visualize the new landscape and provides clear instructions for the contractor. A professional landscape designer can help you fulfill your garden dreams while closely watching practical considerations such as budgeting, site analysis, and choosing the right plants. The departments of landscape architecture are located within university schools of architecture or environmental design, and undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered.

By thinking about how these visual details can be used to complement and contrast each other, you can create a cohesive and captivating landscape. Installing a new landscape without a plan can be disappointing if the final results don't match your expectations. It's important to consider the topography of your site as well as you plan it; take note of how water drains into your landscape. Measure the area and transfer the basic dimensions to graph paper or enter them into an online design tool, such as Google Sketchup.

A well-executed landscape design increases not only the enjoyment of a home, but also the actual square footage of valuable usable space. The professional section of garden designers in Europe and America was called “landscape designer”. A professional landscaper starts with a property survey and topographic map, and then usually creates a series of conceptual sketches, preliminary elevations, and final representations as his vision evolves and crystallizes. My father founded CLC Landscape Design with the belief that “great landscapes start with great design ideas.