How much does landscaping cost for a small yard?

Landscaping projects that involve construction, such as installing retaining walls to prevent erosion, may require the services of an architect or landscape engineer, which will increase costs. The Southwest landscape design incorporates Spanish and Native American details and is characterized by native plants and striking, colorful building materials that reflect the region's natural landscapes. Adding live plants and trees to the landscape is an eco-friendly way to improve air quality for everyone. You can also find new tables with the most popular types of landscaping and landscaping projects and their cost.

Landscaped homes tend to have a 5% to 12% cost advantage compared to similar homes without landscaping. But how do you break down that landscaping cost and what should you consider when budgeting for your backyard landscaping? Some landscapers may give you a discount if you buy and plant multiple plants instead of planting a single tree or shrub. Choosing the right lawns, shrubs and trees and keeping them healthy requires horticultural knowledge, so hiring a landscape professional is often money well spent. Some garden construction projects, such as swimming pools, pool houses, and fences, require additional professional services, such as an architect or engineer-approved landscape design.

Healthy trees and shrubs, front paths, functional outdoor lighting, backyard outdoor living spaces, and automatic sprinkler systems are some of the best landscape features for increasing property value. Maintaining your landscaping can have additional costs, depending on the landscape and how often you require care. The number of us researching the cost of backyard landscaping has skyrocketed in the past year, with an 80% increase in searches for “backyard landscaping ideas on a budget” alone. With such a variety of options available, landscaping costs can vary significantly, especially if you opt for landscaping with potted plants, water fountains, or other large additions.

Designing and maintaining a beautiful landscape is more than cutting and watering the yard; it can involve planting trees and shrubs, establishing perennial beds, and incorporating paths and lighting. Landscaping the yard in a newly built home will incur a significant cost compared to an improvement or improvement to the existing landscape.